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One of the main keys to the success of any international trading company is an efficient logistics department. This guarantees the reliability of the information and the correct timing in the delivery of the goods. For Dymak, logistics is not just about delivering your products from one location to another, but rather about taking care of your needs in between. In addition to conveying products by air, land and sea we also offer warehousing, quality control, labeling, consolidation, handling of customs formalities and project logistics as a part of our integrated solutions.

At Dymak we focus strongly on on-time delivery. Already 3 weeks prior to shipment, the delivery process of booking container capacity starts. This is followed by a series of checks of shipping materials, packing on pallets and packing of the container itself. Depending on the season and materials, the container will be supplied with mug suckers to avoid mold. Once you decide to make an inquiry with Dymak, you will discover that we are the largest supplier in the industry with a reputation for safety and reliability.

Pipeline overview

It can be a challenge to know exactly when each product will arrive, so you can deliver it to your customers. Dymak can offer you a computer generated file with complete information on item numbers, quantity, date of arrival etc., and it allows you to optimize your own production, packing and sales.


Dymak can combine products from different factories into one container. This allows you to select many different designs and thereby optimize your stock and logistics.

Track & Trace

With Dymak Track & Trace you can at all time track your orders and find the estimated time of arrival. You can access information on all your open cases, so you are always be informed and cut down cost.

Customer satisfaction is imperative at Dymak and providing quality services is what ensures our customers' loyalty